Tuesday, November 23, 2010

lauren and jeff engagement session {daniel stowe botanical garden}

Meet Favor Me Events couple, Lauren and Jeff! 

They are getting married on July 30th at Lauren's family's church, Saint Mark's Catholic in Huntersville. Dinner and dancing will follow at The Peninsula Club {they have already booked Vinny from Split Second Sound- so dancing will be a definite!}

Lauren, a medical student at Wake Forest and Jeff, a medical professional {and fellow Steelers fan} have chosen navy blue, gold and ivory as their colors {stay tuned for their inspiration board!} 

Jeff is just as involved in the planning process as Lauren- he is v.e.r.y passionate about the cake and I love it!

They recently had their e-session with Leslie Keener from Elizabeth Scott Photography which started at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden and ended in Uptown.

So excited to work with these two!

with love.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

it's in the bag

When meeting with a new couple to discuss their upcoming wedding, I am always curious to find out if they have special traditions to include either in their ceremony or reception.

For me, it was very important to incorporate the traditional bridal dance. In Poland and other Eastern European countries {I am Czech}, a dance called the 'pani mloda' is played at the end of the reception before the bride and groom are whisked away and leave for their honeymoon.

Once the groom is securely tucked away, the maid of honor holds a bag or sack for guests to deposit money to pay to dance with the bride.  After each guest dances with the bride they are typically offered a shot of alcohol or a piece of cake {I will let you guess which one is more popular}. The guests then join hands and circle the bride.  The mother of the bride has the last dance and after she joins the circle the new groom is brought back in to the reception and breaks through the tight circle to claim his bride. The groom symbolically tosses his entire wallet into the bag, picks up his bride and carries her away to their new life together.

So, where am I going with all of this besides perhaps giving you quick background on Czech weddings? 

Well, my extremely talented mother who owns a local soft furnishing business in Pennsylvania has been designing, sewing and customizing the said money bag for years.

Each bag is customized and handmade. The bag is 13x18 and can either be made in white or ivory silk {with a choice of thread color for initial and wedding date embroidery}.

The bag retails for $40.00 +shipping. This includes the bag and embroidery of the initial and wedding date. Couples are also able to have the bag double as a pillow for a keepsake for an additional $10.00 fee.

For more information on how to order your money bag, please contact me. Bags should be ordered at least 3 months before the wedding date.  Special requests {such as the use of heirloom fabric} are welcome.

Here's to tradition!

with love.