Tuesday, December 10, 2013

catherine and mike {engagement session}

I suppose you could say that Catherine and Mike's relationship was 'in the numbers...'

This adorable pair met at Wake Forest while both obtaining their degree in accounting. I love a good excel sheet too, so who can blame em?

Catherine and Mike are set to marry next June at Foundation for the Carolinas. We have been planning and designing, and boy is this going to be a gorgeous wedding! Mike's family owns a printing and signage company, so helllllloooooo custom signage {gah, I can't wait!}!

Please enjoy some photos from their recent engagement session taken by Caroline Howard of Caroline Ro Photography.

with love.

Monday, December 2, 2013

holiday card shoot {with lauren rosenau photography}

It felt like forever ago when I marked 'think of a holiday card' on a random September date in my calendar last year. After receiving yet another thoughtful holiday card last season {and not having one to send out myself}, I decided that in 2013, I too, was going to send a thoughtful card from Favor Me Events.

Like anything, it started with an idea. Editorial. Glam. Old Hollywood. Yet holiday. Hmm. I did a quick check of Pinterest and came across this photo. Yep, that was it! My inspiration.

That same day I texted the photo to my friend and photographer, Lauren Rosenau just to get her thoughts on my holiday card inspiration. She responded with a question. "When are we shooting this?"

Less than a month later we shot my holiday card and even though I have had the photos for weeks now, they still make me happy.

So, here it is! My very own thoughtful holiday card for 2013 {front and back}...


Choosing only two photos to use for the card was near impossible. So, please enjoy a few more shots from the shoot...





I think it is easy to take for granted the industry that I am in and the immense talent here in Charlotte. I have endless talent at my fingertips, yet I am seriously always amazed by them as well as their generosity...

To Gina at the Duke Mansion, thank you so much for allowing us to take over the solarium for a few hours and make it a winter wonderland in the process.

To CJ at JMajors, thank you for allowing me to play dress up and choose the perfect dress for the shoot. 

To Erin from Erin Ashley Makeup and Rebekah McCann, thank you for making this girl look {and feel} beautiful. I said that I wanted 'big hair,' and you totally came through!

To Melanie from New Creation Flower Company, thank you so much for allowing me to borrow your sweet little Christmas tree {as well putting it together for me}!

To Carrie from Pink Toast Ink, thank you for putting up with me and my 'fonts'! 

To Lauren from Lauren Rosenau Photography, words can not express how thankful I am to have had you a part of this shoot. Your talent amazes me.

Happy Holidays, friends and Cheers to 2014!

with love.