Friday, March 30, 2012

introducing {new} bridal concierge package

I am happy to announce a new service at Favor Me Events!!

But before I give the details, allow me to explain…

As much as I will stand on my soapbox about the importance of a wedding planner {even just a day-of planner}- there are still many brides out there who do not hire one.

Maybe it is budget, or the fear of losing control that a bride chooses to handle all wedding details. Whatever the reason, it isn’t until AFTER the wedding that brides will be completely honest and say, “I shoulda, coulda woulda hired a planner”…or at least did a bit more vendor and wedding planning research beyond Google.

Some brides go the bridal show or the workshop route, but I was finding that most brides were searching for one-on-one interaction where they could feel comfortable to ask questions.

It was one such conversation that gave me the “ah-ha moment" and why I have decided to offer a Bridal Concierge package. A package that allows brides to have a one-on-one conversation with a professional planner {me} who knows the industry and is able to provide solid advice on planning a wedding, picking vendors, working within a budget and more.

What the Bridal Concierge Package includes:

- Up to 3 hours of consultation time (bride is able to bring one guest)

- Within these 3 hours, the bride may choose the topics that she wants to cover or she may opt for an overall wedding tutorial

- Vendor Referrals

- How to create/stick with your budget

- When to hire vendors and how to manage them

- Wedding Etiquette

- What to expect on your wedding day

- Wedding Trends

For more information or to obtain pricing for the bridal concierge package, please email or call 704.821.3212.

with love.

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  1. so exciting Anne! Love that you have the aha moment... so brillant!