Monday, June 6, 2011

robin and shawn {engagement session}

Happy Monday!

Meet Favor Me Events couple, Robin and Shawn!

Thanks to Robin's need of car repair and her father for insisting she see a certain mechanic in town {yep, that would be Shawn}- the couple met in May of 2008. At the time, Robin was interested in someone else, so the story easily could have ended here. didn't....

Eight months later, Robin needed her oil changed and not only did she find herself looking forward to seeing Shawn, but she even told her co-worker about the sweet {and not to mention cute} mechanic that she had met months ahead of time. Her co-worker nudged {or rather INSISTED} that Robin ask Shawn out on a date. Shawn just couldn't resist Robin's request and the couple had their first date on February 28, 2009.

Robin says she never thought that she would end up with a man who is so visibly tattooed, rides a motorcycle or has more piercings than her- but almost a year to the day of their first date, the couple was engaged to be married. And now, nothing makes more sense.

Robin and Shawn are set to be married in October at the Victoria Crow's Nest in Monroe. Their theme is 1950s, with the inspiration centered around a photo of Robin's Aunt at her prom. But more on that later...

Here are a few shots from their recent e-session in Charleston, SC with the super-talented Caroline Ghetes.  Make sure to check out the photos of Robin and Shawn on the motorcycle. Staying true to their theme, these shots were inspired by a similar photo of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe.

Seriously so excited to work with you both!

with love.


  1. Lucky Robin and Shawn !

    They have each other and now they have you !
    1950's ? Can't wait to see this album.