Wednesday, August 14, 2013

catherine and mike {inspiration}

For years I have wrestled with the idea of whether or not to share client's design/inspiration boards. And until now, I have not shared them publicly as I felt like they were my intellectual property that was intended for client's eyes only.

So after much {internal} deliberation, as well as potential clients asking to see design boards, I have decided to start sharing least for the time being.  I figure with the Pinterest-Instagram-Twitter-infused world that we live in, it's what people want to see. 

So, if I can't beat em, why not join em? Right?

Here is the inspiration behind Catherine and Mike's Foundation for the Carolinas wedding. While it is not until next June, we are already knee-deep in design. Think traditional, yet with a modern twist. You will just have to wait until next June to see it all come together. 

Whatcha think?

with love.

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