Friday, February 20, 2015

fme holiday cards {2014}

So, I thought it may be a good idea to share my client holiday cards before we hit the month of March. At least they went out on time-- so that counts, right?!

You may remember my holiday cards from last year. If not, please feel free to check them out, here.

When the time came around this past November, I went to my friend {who also happens to be an amazing...and I am not just saying this because she is my friend} photographer, Lauren Rosenau. If you are not familiar with her work, go check it out, here

I wanted to go in a different direction from last year's card. Let's face it- I am a mom now. A new mom. No sipping bubbly in puffy pink dresses with over-the-top hair and accessories this year. {Although I did treat myself to hair and makeup by another sweet friend, Lindsey Regan Thorne from Be Pretty. Love that girl and her heart!} Nope. This year the theme was simple. 

A time to reflect. Be still. Be thankful. 

2014 was an amazing year in my personal life especially as my husband, Steve and I welcomed our first child, Charlie.  I wanted to share this joy with the clients and vendors who supported me throughout the year and loved on me, despite my pregnancy brain.

When it came time to make the photos into a holiday card, I asked my equally as talented friend {have I mentioned how amazingly talented the Charlotte wedding industry is by the way??}, Deb Hall from Olive Paper to put it all together. Here is the end result and went out to clients and vendors:

Front of the card:

Back of the card:

And, just like last year -- I had such a hard time deciding on the photos. So, here are some of my favorites that didn't make the holiday card cut-- but are still so special to me!

 I hope you are enjoying your new year so far! Here's to {the remainder} of 2015!

with love.

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